Membership FAQ

The Bass Federation of Michigan and TBF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is The Bass Federation (TBF) owned by FLW Fishing?
    No, FLW Fishing is our major partner. TBF, Inc. (national) is self-owned by the State Federations. Each State Federation holds one share of stock.
  2. Is The Bass Federation (TBF) affiliated with ESPN or B.A.S.S.?
    No, TBF is not affiliated with the ESPN or B.A.S.S. organizations.
  3. Do you have to be in a TBF club to be a TBF Member?
    Yes, and that club must be an affiliate of the state TBF organization (State Federation).
  4. How can I join a TBF club in my state?
    To join a TBF club in Michigan, see How to Join on our Membership page or your local club director.
  5. Do you have to be a FLW Fishing Member to be a TBF Member?
    Yes, FLW Fishing subscriber membership is included in your total TBF member dues. If you are an FLW Fishing Life Member you will not be charged the FLW part of the membership. See the Membership page for more details.
  6. How can I join FLW Fishing
    If you are a TBF member you must pay your FLW Fishing membership through you TBF-affiliated club each year. TBF of Michigan members can upgrade their included FLW subscriber membership to a FLW Competitor membership at a discounted rate. See the Membership page for more details.
  7. How can I form my own club in my state?
    You need 6 adult members or more to start your own local club. For more details on joining through the online roster management see the Membership page.
  8. How much does it cost to be a TBF Member?
    TBF dues are $75 per member per year (subject to change) – $25 TBF of Michigan dues + $50 TBF national dues (includes FLW subscriber membership). See the Membership page for more details. TBF of Michigan membership is always January 1 – December 31, and ends on December 31 of the year you are paying dues for regardless of the date you pay your dues. Your local club may also have club dues.
  9. What do I get for being a TBF Member?
    See the great list of benefits on the Membership page! You also qualify to fish the state championship with a shot at advancing as far as the FLW Cup and a shot at $300,000 Dollars, along with the TBF “Living the Dream package! See the Tournaments page for more information.
  10. Is the TBF a tournament trail?
    Members qualify through their club events and state Federation tournaments to fish in the National Semi-Final tournaments, and can then move on to the TBF National Championship, the BFL All-American and even the FLW Cup Championship. See the Tournaments page for more information.
  11. Is TBF a non-profit or for-profit company?
    TBF is a for-profit company (C-corporation) because that is the only legal way we could set up and support the State Federations, which are all non-profit. TBF of Michigan is a non-profit.
  12. Do TBF Board Members get paid?
    Other than TBF-related expense reimbursement, the TBF board of directors receives NO COMPENSATION, the same for the TBF of Michigan board of directors.