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Pay Your Annual Member Dues

You can pay your The Bass Federation of Michigan membership directly on this page using PayPal or a major credit card through our PayPal account (you can use a major credit card without having a PayPal account). If you do not have an existing TBF of Michigan bass club we will match you up with a club in your area or a statewide club.1

Your membership includes state dues ($25), national TBF, Inc. dues ($50 – includes FLW subscriber [non-competitor] membership2). There are two membership options available: $75.003 for non-life members of FLW Fishing; and $40.003 ($25 state dues and $15 national dues) for Life members of FLW Fishing.

TBF of Michigan membership is always January 1 – December 31, and ends on December 31 of the year you are paying dues for regardless of the date you pay your dues.

Choose the appropriate membership option from the drop-down menu below and fill out the other required information before you click the Buy Now membership button to finish payment through PayPal.

Member Type
Phone number and email address

1 We can put you in an existing club but TBF of Michigan cannot guarantee your status as a boater or non-boater in our annual state championship. Each club is required to send an equal number of boaters and non-boaters. A local club may also have their own club dues. Contact the bass club about that.

2 Active TBF of Michigan members can upgrade their included FLW subscriber membership to a FLW Competitor membership at a discount by contacting FLW Fishing.

3 Membership dues paid before January 31 of the membership year will have online fees waived. After January 31 there may be additional online fees added to member dues at the discretion of TBF of Michigan.