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Pay Your State Championship Entry Here

You can pay your The Bass Federation of Michigan state championship entry directly on this page using PayPal or a major credit card through our PayPal account. If you do not have an existing bass club TBF of Michigan club we will match you up with a club in your area or a statewide club. You must be a member of TBF of Michigan to fish the State Championship.

There are two state championship options available: $125.00 for boaters; and $75.00 for Co-Anglers. The State Championship is a boater / co-angler format with the boaters fishing against boaters, and co-anglers fishing against co-anglers. The boater fishes from the front deck. The co-angler from the back deck. The boater dictates the fishing locations all day but must provide fishable water for the co-angler too.

Choose the appropriate membership option from the drop-down menu below and fill out the other required information before you click the Pay Now state championship entry button to finish payment through PayPal.

Choose Boater or Co-Angler
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1 We can put you in an existing club but TBF of Michigan cannot guarantee your status as a boater or non-boater in our annual state championship. Each club is required to send an equal number of boaters and non-boaters.