TBF Dream Team Rallies Fact Sheet

| February 10, 2012

TBF Dream Team logo150Premise: Most anglers just love to fish! For some it’s not about “turning Pro” or fishing for a living…It’s just about FISHING!

We intend to put the “fun” back into fishing through the TBF Dream Team Rally events. The only true North American team tournament “Trail” you can fish when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. Fun events backed by the power of TBF and the 40 plus years of federation history. You don’t have to travel all over to fish an event with BIG TIME rewards! Save money on travel and sleep in your own bed!

  • ANY TBF State Federation or any TBF affiliated club in the US or Canada can sign up and host a TBF Dream Team Rally Event in 2012. Qualified winners advance to the 2013 vacation event, TBF’s Dream Team National Championship Rally.
  • YOU choose the date, the location, YOU define the event; your state or club decides! (I.E. Open Team, Guys/Gals only, fish only with “this” bait, Over 55 only, Adult/Youth only, College Only, club members only, etc.) YOU conduct the event following the TBF Dream Team Rally Rules. TBF will handle all the paperwork and “details”!
  • All participants must be TBF members or join online at time of registration to be eligible to fish.
  • Your event director will register the YOUR Dream Team Rally event with TBF online at www.bassfederation.com.
  • All registrations, entries and payouts will be handled by TBF National Office for consistency. TBF will take entries online. All YOU have to do is decide to host a TBF Dream Team Rally event and promote it in your area.
  • Random polygraphs will be conducted, unannounced, at state/local events sent in by TBF National Office. No one at the event will know when or if it’s going to happen.
  • All events require a Mon.-Fri. off-limits period (or five days minimum), and no more than one practice “day” if any. All official Dream Team Rally events are strictly one day “weekend” or “weeknight” tournaments.
  • TBF will publish the event, take all entry fees and registrations online for YOUR event, and send you everything needed for a successful event. All sanctioned events will use the same set of TBF Dream Team Rally rules.
  • Registration will close NO LESS THAN five business days prior to the event. NO ENTRIES ALLOWED AFTER THE DEADLINE DATE. You cannot “pay at the ramp”. Fish or host as many TBF Dream Team Rallies as you want to attempt to advance.
  • Tournament rosters, take off and weigh-in sheets, AND prize checks and trophies/plaques will be sent to the event director to use/distribute at the event. Amounts assigned based on entries received.
  • Entry fees are the same for all TBF Dream Team events – $200 per team for active TBF members. $300 per team if neither partner is a TBF member. (The extra fee covers and includes $50 per team member for Full TBF National AND FLW Outdoors competitor yearly memberships with full national benefits of both.)
  • NOT intended to be a “big money” or “Pro trail”- But, some BIG prizes, paid fishing vacations to the best largemouth and smallmouth fisheries in the nation, and deep payouts at the TBF Dream Team Rally National Championship.
  • MUST have 25 teams minimum to advance ONE (1) team. All payouts/advancements based on each multiple of 25 registered. One (1) team for every 25 boats advances. (Ex. 25 boats = 1 team, 35 boats = 1 team, 50 boats= 2 teams, 75 boats = 3 teams, etc.)
  • No one allowed to fish alone…only 2 person teams allowed.
  • Two (2) – Big Fish checks at every event. (either 1st and 2nd Big Fish or (1) big Largemouth and (1) big Smallmouth) YOU decide when you set up the event online with us.
  • Payouts/Prize checks at the ramp provided by TBF, but not huge amounts that might encourage unethical behavior. Three places will be paid for each 25 boats entered. The BIG Prize…….Earning a “PAID” trip to TBF Dream Team National Championship Rally, where the prizes are BIG and the payout is DEEP.

Payout breakdown for every 25 boats at every event:

  • $5 per boat “stipend” to the hosting TBF Club conducting the one day event.
  • TBF provides the prize plaques at no cost.
  • On site payout for every 25 boats is set at 1st – $500, 2nd – $250, 3rd – $150, (50 Teams pays 6 places, 75 Team pays 9 places, etc )
  • Big Bass, 1st – $200, 2nd – $100 ( $150 each for 1 large and 1 smallmouth)
  • Events drawn randomly each month and random polygraphs WILL BE GIVEN, assigned by TBF National Office.
  • Top Teams (1 team for each 25 boats) advance to the TBF Dream Team National Championship Rally!

Each team qualifying to advance will ALSO receive, as a part of their prize package:

  1. Paid mileage stipend to offset costs of travel to the TBF Dream Team National Championship Rally from anywhere in the nation.
  2. A boat gas stipend for each day they’re qualified to fish the championship rally up to 6 days.
  3. Hotel room stipend each day they’re qualified to fish the championship rally up to 6 days.
  • Meal vouchers and banquets during the championship rally week, etc.
  • NO ENTRY FEE! National prize pool payout deep to the field.
  • Top DREAM team wins a DREAM Rig! With fully-equipped Ranger Boat, Evinrude Outboard.

TBF Dream Team Rally National Championship Details

NO ENTRY FEE EVENT – fully contained in one week. One week of vacation anywhere in US.
Practice days; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Tournament; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Finals; Saturday.

  • Anglers bring and use their own boats
  • Random Polygraphs every day
  • Only visit fabled fish factories. Vacation destinations people have “always wanted to fish”; big fish factories anglers would WANT to vacation too. Only places a 10lb largemouth, 6lb smallmouth or 5lb spot are possible. Places like Amistad, Champlain, the Delta, Choke Canyon, Lake Fork, Erie, Kentucky Barkley, St Clair, Coosa river chain, etc. Hottest lakes….at the hottest times.
  • There will be off-limits before this event. Possibly provide or limit the baits you can use on one or two days……(fun, different, everyone on the same playing field, no local advantage)
  • Payout as deep in the field as possible. Again not about another “money” circuit, but cash payouts deep in the field, big prizes, fun, camaraderie and a great vacation.
  • Live streamed on the internet so your friends and club members back home can watch.
  • Multiple Big Fish awards every day
  • TBF National Dream Team needs a Dream Rig! – Ranger Boat fully-rigged with Evinrude Outboard and Lowrance Electronics to the winning team!
  • We will not forget where you came from – $1,000 cash bonus to the winning team’s active home TBF club or state federation that qualified them to attend.
  • Multiple other “Dream” prizes will be awarded like a Dream shopping spree from Cabela’s, an electronic package- HDS-10 with Structure Scan from Lowrance-, and much, much more…

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